Many people find themselves out of synch with their regular fitness habits over the holidays. In addition to missed workouts, there are food treats galore, indulgent office parties, and – often – lots of wine to wash it all down.

Here’s what we tell our personal training clients who are worried about all their hard work going out the window during the month of December.

1.  Unless you are preparing for a race or competition that involves a strict training timeline, give yourself permission to enjoy this time of year.

A sustainable healthy lifestyle means INCLUDING indulgences. So know yourself (and what you love), allow for the occasional indulgence, and then try to offset where you can.

If you love good food and wine, life’s too short to torture yourself by depriving yourself completely of the things you love. You heard it here first.

2.  Plan ahead.

It’s better to be honest with yourself and prepare for an indulgence – rather than saying you won’t have any, losing your willpower, and then feeling bad about it. When you plan ahead, you give yourself permission to really enjoy your treat, and can schedule a workout to offset. This will leave you feeling better both mentally and physically.

3.  Choose to indulge in the things that bring you the MOST enjoyment.

This is where being strategic comes in. Repeat after me: I don’t have to eat – or drink – everything. If you don’t really love something, take a pass and save yourself for a treat you’ll really enjoy.

In other words; just because someone puts something in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat it. If you are at the office, and someone brings you a box of chocolates or a piece of slab cake, but you know already that you have a really good meal ahead of you later on, then hold off and use those indulgences on what you know you will enjoy most.

And, once the big meals have been eaten and the decorations down, some people find themselves with extra time off over the holidays. If this is the boat you’re in, why not schedule an extra workout or two or, if a new fitness regime is on your list of goals for 2017 – get a head start?

It’s business as usual for us over the holidays and we’d love to come see you for a free consultation. Reach out to book yours today!