​There’s an app for just about everything these days – and fitness is no exception. We believe in leveraging all the tools at your disposal to help you create lasting, positive change – including technology! Here are four of our favorite wellness apps, each of which will keep you motivated and on-track in a different way.
My Fitness Pal

This app, which is primarily a food tracking tool, has been on the scene for years and remains our most recommended.  Getting set up and accustomed to the app takes some time, but it’s very user friendly in the long run. It provides excellent nutrition analysis. We particularly like how it breaks down your daily dietary intake into macro and micro nutrient. It has a basic workout log too, but it’s the nutrition tracking where this app really shines.
Carrot Rewards

For those who need extra motivation to get moving, this step trackers doles out rewards for achieving your step goals. Link your account to a myriad of rewards cards and watch your points balance grow daily. If you need a little extra motivation, you can challenge your friends and family to step challenges to generate some friendly competition. They also have surveys, blogs, and additional resources to earn you extra points and prizes.

If better sleep or increased relaxation are on your list of wellness goals, this app – which offers a wide selection of sleep stories, music, and simple meditations – is a great tool.  While a handful of resources – including an initial ‘7 Days of Calm’ – are available at no cost, a subscription is required to access the entire catalog.  If you decide to upgrade (which is definitely not necessary), you’ll find numerous 7-day programs on topics such as managing stress, finding happiness, getting focused, and improving your sleep.

For top rated habit tracking apps, a good majority are only available for iOS and not for android users (yet, anyways) – but not this one! Habitica is available on both. We love it because of its extremely creative video-game approach to establishing positive habits: each habit you successfully complete in your day will level up your avatar (appearance) options. Its design – and the ability to collaborate with friends to complete quests and missions – keeps habit tracking fun.

If the idea of playing games doesn’t pique your interest, there is always the tried and true method of physically writing down your habits on paper.  We offer all our clients a copy of the Nielsen Fitness habit tracker which you can print off here.  If you need help planning/achieving your goals because the apps just aren’t cutting it, contact us today for your free assessment.