Welcome Avaya PCC Americas Virtual Spring Conference PARTICIPANTS!

Thank you - I hope you enjoyed my presentation! see below for more on our 'four weeks of fitness" corporate offer, and our "Avaya Kickstarter Special" for all participants

Are you the CHO "Chief Health Officer"of your Company? - if so then read...

We need connection more now than ever, and a group fitness training program has the potential to be a fantastic way to bring your employees together and increase their physical fitness (which can have positive effects on productivity and a company’s bottom line!)

For a cost of $500, we would be pleased to provide your employees (and those in their households) with:

‘Four weeks of Fitness’ that would work include:
• Four live group personal training class (delivered weekly via Spaces) focused on developing and improving core body strength, flexibility and posture (zero equipment required)
• Recordings of the classes for those who couldn’t attend live and/or want to repeat the workout
• The option to continue past four weeks should you wish. 

Here’s a sample video from a recent corporate group workout we recently hosted.


The ‘Avaya Conference Kickstarter’

Want a one-on-one customized experience? Then consider our six-session Kickstarter Package, with a few exclusive special bonuses only for PCC Americas Virtual Spring Conference participants. Includes:

  1. A kick-off fitness assessment and goal-setting consultation with one of our managers
  2. Six live and fully customized personal training sessions delivered over three weeks (two/week)
  3. Customized programs to do on your own
  4. Free welcome gift delivered to you:
    • choose between a set of bands, a stability ball or exercise sliders
  5. A results recap reassessment: upon completion of the six sessions, we’ll measure progress, set future goals, and ensure you’re armed with a plan moving forward

There are two options to choose from, in CDN$:

  • 60-minute workouts (Platinum) for an investment of $420 + HST
  • 40-minute workouts (Express) for an investment of $300 + HST

Normally we do these six sessions twice per week for three weeks to get clients up to speed and on-track, but Conference Participants will have the opportunity to spread them out further if they wish.

There will be no pressure to continue after the six session but we would, or course, welcome the opportunity to work with you longer-term should you wish. 

Segal LLP Team workout #7

This one is called the ‘Back to Full-Strength’ workout.

Designed to give your back muscles the strength, movement, and function necessary to help you live life to the fullest. 

Just as life demands it, this workout will include exercises in multiple planes of motion.

“You are only as young as your spine”,  and this workout will keep your spine mobile and youthful. We hope you enjoy it!

Your next workout is scheduled for June 3rd @ noon

Meeting ID: 858 2575 0789
Passcode: 332215

If you would like to begin by having a consultation, you are welcome to schedule or send us a note here.

Segal LLP Team workout #6

This Glute (aka “Butt’) and Hip workout is designed to strengthen your leg and hip muscles. Doing it regularly will also increase you joint mobility and lower-body stability. 

Warning – it is pretty tough :).

Segal LLP Team workout #5

This workout is designed to bolt up your Agility and Cardiovascular Conditioning.  

Once you build up your conditioning you can do it everyday – or take components from this workout, and add them to your morning, afternoon or evening routine.


Segal LLP Team workout #4

The theme of this workout is to wake-up the “Office Warrior” in you.

It’s our most advanced group personal training class yet. This workout integrates compound joint movements, such as reverse lunges, and strength-based upper body exercises. The overall effect will increase your adrenaline and endorphin levels, and help to strengthen your bones, muscles and nervous system. If you would like more guidance on how to perform the exercises safely and correctly, or are interested in having a customized program developed for you, then feel free to reach us .


This workout is designed to reverse the notorious “office body posture”.  

If you have been feeling more tightness, tension and stiffness in your neck, back and shoulders – due to a seasonally high workload + less than ideal home office ergonomics – then you will benefit very much by participating today!

We truly hope you enjoy today’s workout – and we are looking forward to hearing what you think.

Segal LLP Team workout #2

This workout is designed to strengthen your spine and core muscles.  

If your lower back has recently become stiff(er), and you are slouching more than you like – it may be due to weaker abdominals + tight lower back and glute muscles.  This series of exercises is designed to help lengthen and strengthen those areas.

Segal LLP Team workout #1

This “no sweat workout” is designed to get your blood and endorphins flowing.  

If you feel lethargic (and perhaps irritable), it may be because you’ve not exercised your heart or challenged yourself physically for a while.

The good news is this series of exercises requires zero equipment and will improve your muscular balance, coordination, not to mention help improve your cardiovascular conditioning. 

Following we guarantee you will feel lighter, looser and stronger. We hope you enjoy it!


Take an optional self-assessment tool you can use to capture your starting point and track your progress. (When you submit it to us it will be emailed to you!)


If ever you are interested in individual training, you can book a complimentary first workout through the calendar below. It will include a conversation about your goals and how we can help you reach them + a chance to see what a one-on-one virtual workout is all about!

Want to reach Poul?

[email protected] | 416.356.2658