Weight Loss

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): What, Why & How

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout characterized by alternating periods of high intensity exercise (such as sprinting or jumping) with periods of lower intensity exercise or rest. While some strength improvement can happen during HIIT, its nature is inherently cardiovascular.HIIT Training: How to Get StartedThe goal of HIIT is typically to maximize calorie burn while improving cardiovascular fitness and […]


Book Review: The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

In the world of fitness and weight loss, there’s a pervasive myth that revolves around calorie counting. Clients come to us, time and again, feeling frustrated and stuck in their weight loss journey despite diligently counting every calorie and sacrificing their favourite foods.It’s a tough cycle to break, and it’s exactly why I (Poul Nielsen!) am writing today’s blog post. […]


Intermittent Fasting: What, How and Why?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a dietary practice that’s getting a lot of attention these days. In a nutshell, it involves fitting all your calories for the day into a condensed window of time and ‘fasting’ outside those hours. Many intermittent fasters eat within an eight-hour window – for example, noon to 8pm – and fast for the remaining 16 hours […]


Why Thin Doesn’t Always = Healthy

The other day one of our virtual personal training clients, who is in great shape, told me that one of her friends remarked to her, “Why on earth do you work out? You’re skinny!” This comment is an example of a great misconception in our society: that skinny = healthy.This client can deadlift and squat more than her own body […]


Book Review: The Longevity Diet

Hello! Poul Nielsen here.  I am always on the lookout for resources that can help our clients live healthier, longer lives and today I want to talk to you about  The Longevity Diet. This book, written by Valter Longo, first caught my attention for its promise to not only help readers shed some pounds but also improve overall health and increase […]


Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score

As personal trainers, we are always looking for ways to improve our client’s overall health and well-being. One book that has had a significant impact on our approach to fitness is The Body Keeps the Score written by renowned psychiatrist and trauma specialist Bessel van der Kolk.It’s an enlightening book that delves into the complex relationship between physical and mental […]


Exercise and Your Hormones: What You Need to Know

Exercise and its effects on our hormones is a widely discussed, often sensationalized topicamong exercisers and health professionals alike. Fertility, menopause, and sleep pattern are just afew of the bodily functions supported by our endocrine (hormone messenger) systems. Simplyput, hormones are chemicals that control cellular functions and physiological reactions such asmetabolism, reproduction, and tissue growth. In exercise terms, hormones support […]


4 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals and Habits

It can be challenging to exercise when your motivation is lacking, but having the knowledge and tools to achieve your fitness goals is only half of the battle. You need a strong commitment to prioritizing a healthy lifestyle! Consistency is the most important factor behind seeing exercise results but unfortunately one of the hardest healthy habits to create. Consistency is […]