Goal Setting

Are Your Fitness Goals Creating Overwhelm?

GOAL SETTING & LONG-LASTING RESULTS Do you approach your fitness goals with a feeling of pressure or stress? Perhaps you haven’t reached for your goals for fear of failure. You may have benefited from short-term results in the past, but what happened after you reached your target? Without the development of long-term, healthy habits, most people slowly back pedal to […]


Why in-home Training beats the gym

why it's better to workout in home  Whether it’s exercising in your home with a personal trainer in-person (like the good all days before Covid), or you’re working with a trainer online, such as with one of our unparalleled virtual personal trainers, the bottom line is you do not need a gym. And these are our top six reasons why:1. […]


What does a smart goal look like?

A goal is a dream with a plan, as they say. But setting a goal isn’t as simple as you may think – if you want to achieve it, that is.Here’s our formula for setting fitness goals that stick. It is based upon the widely-used SMART goals model, and we use it with our clients all the time. A SMART fitness […]


It’s OK to start small

Here’s how to start a fitness goal.Too often, people go about a new habit/resolution until they run out of steam. They don’t see results – because a true plan takes a lot of commitment and effort. No matter what your intention is, if your actions are not executed via a well-thought plan – your likelihood of success is small. Many times […]