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Ways to workout outdoors

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise One of the beautiful things about living in Canada is we experience a lot of variety with our weather. From the short, dark and cold winter days – to the long, bright and hot days of summer. There are several ways to exercise outdoors , and we’ll profile a few, but to start […]


Are Your Fitness Goals Creating Overwhelm?

GOAL SETTING & LONG-LASTING RESULTS Do you approach your fitness goals with a feeling of pressure or stress? Perhaps you haven’t reached for your goals for fear of failure. You may have benefited from short-term results in the past, but what happened after you reached your target? Without the development of long-term, healthy habits, most people slowly back pedal to […]


How to do a step up on a chair

How to do a step up on a chair I have always believed it’s possible to have an effective workout without a gym and with minimal equipment.And now more than ever people are going online to learn how. One of the first exercises I enjoy to teach people how to do – once they advance for being able to do […]


Why in-home Training beats the gym

why it's better to workout in home  Whether it’s exercising in your home with a personal trainer in-person (like the good all days before Covid), or you’re working with a trainer online, such as with one of our unparalleled virtual personal trainers, the bottom line is you do not need a gym. And these are our top six reasons why:1. […]


What to look for when hiring a personal trainer.

Hiring a virtual or in-home personal trainer is a big decision. And, since there’s no regulating body for this industry, it’s important to ask the right questions and choose wisely. To help you do that, here are three things we suggest you look for: 🎓 Qualifications. It’s possible to become a personal trainer in as little as a weekend. Which […]


How to Find Effective Vegetarian Protein Sources

As saying goes, a healthy body starts with sound nutrition. And for many fitness success is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.That’s why when our Personal Training Clients asks us how to find an effective vegetarian protein, we often start by educating them about what a protein is.By giving them this foundation they then can figure things out for themselves (when […]