A health scare got Deleo motivated to start her fitness journey. Now, after two plus years of working
with the Nielsen Fitness team, she is more motivated than ever to keep it up.

​Here’s her story:

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What originally motivated you to contact Nielsen Fitness?

Well, it all started with a health scare. This eventually resolved itself, however at my yearly Medcan
physical the doctor stressed that I needed to start exercising more. I had not exercised my entire life – I
had several gym memberships lapse without going once and never thought exercise was going to work
for me. Seeing the reluctance on my face, she then mentioned that for people who don’t like to
exercise, the best way to get started is with a personal trainer. For some reason I had never thought of
this before, so I started researching. I knew that a personal trainer coming to the house was what I
needed; I would still make excuses if I had to go to the gym to see someone. I came across Nielsen
Fitness and a handful of other companies who specialize with in-home personal training, however I kept
coming back to Nielsen Fitness. I liked the website, your philosophy, and you had way more information
than your competitors. I had a great start-up experience and that’s why I chose to move forward. I
must have looked at 10-12 different companies before making my decision!

Why do you think you’ve been selected as Client of the Month?

I think it comes down to my loyalty and perseverance – in the past year I’ve only had to cancel once or
twice, and those were for legitimate reasons. Besides that, I’ve had a lot of injuries which limited what I
could do in my workouts, but I must say, your folks like to work with what they have! I got through
every single workout they’ve given me without complaints or excuses and I think my trainers have really
appreciated that. I’ve seen great progress and others can see it too! People have been saying I look fit,
and no one in my life has ever said that to me. Not just 1 person, but several have commented and I
feel great!

What does the future look like for you?

I hope to continue to have the motivation to do this – which I don’t think will be hard. I may not always
look forward to working out, but once it’s over I feel amazing. The trainers I’ve had thus far have made
working out a pleasant experience – I would say the people are the strength of this company. They
don’t just look the part, they are smart, educated, personable, and professional. Continuing to work
with them, I expect to be an even healthier person in the years to come.

What advice would you give someone who is in the same place you were 4 years ago?

If I had known this service existed with this caliber of personnel, then I would’ve done this long ago.
Sometimes it’s the health scare that wakes you up and makes you reprioritize your life. Regardless,
whatever it is that gets you there, the minute you’re on board, just keep it up!

If you are interested in getting started on your fitness journey – like Deleo – we would love to help.
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