Undeniably, the last year and a half has given way to a variety of emotions — from anxiety and stress to fear and frustration. At Nielsen Fitness, we understand how tough it’s been navigating through these difficult times, and we always want our clients, especially those taking part in personal training at home, to feel as safe as possible.

Below are the measures we have put in place  – all in an effort to keep you (and our trainers) safe, healthy and exercising now and into the future. 


All of our client-facing staff – who do personal training at home and out of our Leaside studio – are double vaccinated. This is a non-negotiable requirement for us. 

We also require all clients (with the exception of those training virtually) to submit proof that they have two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, along with a photo ID, which is provincially mandated.

At each session, our trainers will remain ‘masked up’ for your and their protection. We continue to encourage outdoor workouts where possible. When indoors, we will open windows to maximize airflow where possible and do our very best to maintain 6-feet between clients and trainers.

Our trainers are further screened before every single session, ensuring that they have not had any recent exposure to potential cases or known cases of COVID and that they aren’t exhibiting any symptoms. And we ask the same of you via a fast and simple health screen check. In the same vein, if you – or anyone in your household – is feeling unwell in any way, we ask that you let us know. In these cases, we can easily switch your sessions to online for however long necessary so you won’t miss a beat! 

We are confident that with these protocols in place, we’ll be able to safely train clients in their homes and condo gyms through the fall and beyond. It’s all about adjusting to our collective ‘new normal’, getting a bit creative and prioritizing safety above all else. 

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