We specialize in workouts with limited space and equipment. Whatever your reason for choosing to workout from home, or wherever you live, including your home in Copenhagen or Toronto, without a doubt, the number one question our trainers get asked is… “what equipment should I buy?”

The fact of the matter is, you DON’T need an expensive treadmill, elliptical, or Bowflex machine to have a great workout. In fact, some of the most effective exercises use nothing more than your body weight.

That said, there are a handful of small items that we love to use for additional variety – they can progress or regress any exercise, AND they won’t break the bank.

Here are four of our team’s favourites – and are relatively easy to tuck away when not in use.

resistance band and tubing exercise setresistance band and tubing exercise setresistance band and tubing exercise set resistance band and tubing exercise set

Resistance Band and Tubing exercise set –  Band and tubing are great tools for adding resistance to many exercises which would normally require dumbbells. Best of all they are light-weight and portable.

Bands are effective to help isolate specific muscles such as the glutes, triceps and for adding specific peak contraction resistance – such as when doing abdominal crunches and variations.

Tip: buying a set with multiple bands and a door anchor is worth it. Especially if you plan to stick with it for a while.

The lighter bands are best used for isolating smaller muscle groups such as the rotator cuffs and arms.

stability ballsstability ballsstability balls stability ballsstability balls stability ballsstability balls>

Stability (exercise) balls – There are infinite ways to use an exercise ball – you can even use it as a chair!

Tip: be sure the ball is suited to your height – they typically come in three sizes, so make sure you use a size guide before purchasing. And if in doubt buy the 26″ / 55cm ball as it is the most versatile.

foam rollerfoam roller

Foam roller – Foam roller is extremely versatile. It can be used to roll-out and massage tight muscles, be used as a strength and conditioning tool, challenge your stability, or act as a support tool. We recommend you get one that’s at least 18″ long. 

Tip: you can use the foam roller for exercises which you would normally use a stability ball for, and/or roll-out muscles in between exercises.

Yoga exercise matYoga exercise mat

A Yoga exercise mat – An exercise mat like the one above is a great thing to have in your home gym. A sturdy mat will help you feel comfortable when doing floor based exercises, and will keep you sturdy and prevent you from slipping, which can be the case if you train on a hardwood floor.

Tip: choose a mat which is at least .25″ thick. Your back and knees will thank you as you do floor based exercises.

And finally, the best tool for you will depend on your specific goals, however the tools mentioned above (with proper use) are safe for all fitness levels.

While a successful home gym doesn’t need to cost a fortune, all the home equipment in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t use it!

If you need some help with motivation – or exercise ideas – apply today for a free consultation.  Our trainers will hold you accountable, teach you proper form, and give you the variety you need to keep on progress.