Is the gym overrated?

is it possible to get a good workout from home?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic many gym goers have been forced to switch to at-home workouts and discovered what we’ve known all along: that at-home workout routines can be just as, if not more effective than training at the gym.

For most of us, exercising at home means equipment is limited to a couple bands, a set of dumbbells, or maybe even no equipment at all. The good news there is an endless variety of exercises that can be performed simply using your own bodyweight.

And a great trainer will know how to tailor these bodyweight exercises to meet your fitness level and goals. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of creativity!

One of the main perks about at home workouts is that they save you time. Going to the gym to workout can be twice as time consuming as working out from home. For many of our clients the added prep time required to workout at the gym is just not feasible given their busy schedules. Here’s how we sum it up.

at home workouts vs the gym

This is exactly why our clients love virtual personal training. An effective workout is complete within an hour, prep time included, leaving them to go about the rest of their day. It’s not just extra time either, gyms also require a monthly membership fee. Add a membership fee on top of the personal training fee and this makes gyms a much costlier option compared to at home or virtual training.

For the reasons above, we always speak to our clients about their overall picture of health and wellness, and help them determine if Virtual or In-home Personal Training is the better choice for them – and it often is.

If  YOU are looking for a safe, effective, and efficient workout option, let’s talk! – book your free assessment and first workout here.