It’s OK to start small

Here’s how to start a fitness goal.

Too often, people go about a new habit/resolution until they run out of steam. They don’t see results – because a true plan takes a lot of commitment and effort. No matter what your intention is, if your actions are not executed via a well-thought plan – your likelihood of success is small. 

Many times people become injured, or simply can’t stick to their plan because it’s too time consuming and doesn’t yield results. Within weeks they quit – until the cycle starts again – often inspired by a New Year, a birthday, or a change in season.

And then there are those who have a goal but resolve to do nothing about it. They justify themselves with a story –  which often falls short of time, courage and the support they need to take action.

The bottom line is I know it can be hard – doing something new is uncomfortable and takes practice. So to help combat these pitfalls, I recommend you focus on smaller changes, and then do them consistently. Once you nail a new habit – build from there.  Afterall Rome was not built in a day :).

And to help you, I am giving you access to our tried and habit trackertrue, old school,
print it yourself HABIT TRACKER.

After you print it, I want you to write down the new habits you want and start tracking.

When your new positive action is a habit (anywhere 21days to six months from now), add a new one, and build from there!

Use this tracker, and share your progress with me – I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!

Poul Nielsen