So you want to lose weight or get in shape.  But you cant seem to stay motivated, and regularly fall off the wagon.  Sound about right? 

If so, you probably arent tuned into what we like to call your “why” the deep-seeded reason for your fitness goal.  Here’s what we mean and how to discover it.

In our experience, it is the people who really understand their why not what they want to achieve, but their core motivation for wanting to achieve it are the ones that see long-term sustainable success.  So when we encounter a client who is struggling with motivation and consistency, well often take them through an exercise to help them discover their why. 

Basically were asking: if you peel back that top layer of wanting to look better or feel better, whats underneath it?  You may not know right away, and you may have to peel back a few (or many) layers and it can sometimes get uncomfortable – but it’s in there. 

We have a process for taking our clients through this exercise but it can be done without a fancy framework.  How?  Well, here are the simple steps:   

  1. Define and write down what you want to achieve (this is the on the surface goal – like “fat loss”, or “increase flexibility”)
  2. Think about why its important to you
  3. Then think about why thats important to you
  4. Repeat the process, peeling away layers, until you feel a bit of an a-ha moment. 

If youre honest with yourself, youll get there!  And if you dont try again.  Sometimes it takes a while.  But its worthwhile understanding your WHY can be the difference between struggling to stay on the wagon and seeing real and lasting results. 

Goals change from time-to-time so its good to revisit this exercise every so-often.  Also, it can be used for other areas of your life also including career-related goals, personal development goals, and personal/family goals also, so its a great one to have in your back-pocket.