If you’re like most people, you spend 80% of your time SITTING.

Did you know that doing so it’s wreaking havoc on your body? Humans aren’t built to sit for long periods like we do these days – we’re designed to be standing and moving.

As a result, it causes rounded shoulders and forward head posture (we call this Neanderthal posture here at NF!), and can also affect your breathing (because it compressed your diaphragm) which, in turn, can aggravate stress and even anxiety.

So. What’s an office worker (or driver, or other kind of all-day-sitter) to do? We’ve got three easy tips to help you combat ‘Neanderthal posture’ and feel better…

Three tips for better posture:

1.   Stand up! Every 45 minutes (or as often as you can), stand up, walk, and move. Even if it’s just 30 seconds around your office floor – or, better yet, to get some water – it makes a difference.

2.   Stand with your back up against the wall. With your heels at the baseboard, put your arms out to the sides (against the wall), and bend your elbows upwards at a 90-degree angle (you’re going for a ‘stick-‘em-up-type-pose!’) – like you see in the example below. Hold this for 10 seconds while taking some deep belly breaths.


NF client Dave & NF trainer Angèle combating their “Neanderthal” posture.

3.   Be a puppet. Pretend there’s an invisible string at the top of your skull and let that string pull you up. If you stand up tall and feels like you’re super straight – like a soldier – it’s a sign your usual stance is in the Neanderthal realm. The more you practice though, the more natural (and better!) it will feel.

And, of course, make time for exercise after work. If you’re in Toronto and need help or accountability, we can help. Contact us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation.