Are you getting enough exercise each day? Statistics Canada reports that 30 minutes of moderate intensity most days will reduce the risk of chronic diseases, while 60 minutes can prevent weight gain.

But we all know it can be hard to find time in our already busy schedules. If you absolutely can’t fit in that workout, get creative and incorporate movement into your normal routine. Here are six easy things you can do throughout your day.

  1. 7am: Squats while brushing your teeth – you can’t get much simpler than that! Try doing three sets of 10 reps before you put down your toothbrush. Remember to keep that chest up to avoid drooling!
  2. 8am: Standing calf-raises – while waiting for your streetcar, bus, or train, get in some solid calf work! If you are carrying bags, distribute the weight evenly between arms and raise up on the balls of your feet for two seconds, lower down for four seconds. Aim for three sets of 10 reps.
  3. Noon: Push ups before lunch – Placing your hands on a wall, desk, or chair (without rollers), bang out 5-10 push ups to tone your arms and shoulders. Repeat one to two more times for a challenge.
  4. 6pm: Subway surfing – if you’re a transit rider, challenge your balance by standing on your bus, subway, train, or streetcar on the way home. Stand close to a pole so you can grab on if needed. Your core and the muscles in your legs will feel this one as you work to keep balanced.
  5. 7pm: Jumping jacks – while waiting for your pot to boil or veggies to steam, do jumping jacks intervals. Try 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for eight cycles and you’ll soon be sweating!
  6. 9pm: End your day with Pilates-inspired breathing. Sitting or standing tall, breathe in deeply through the nose for five counts as you push your belly button away from the spine. Next, exhale fully through the nose for five counts as you push your belly button in towards the spine. Keep your ribcage closed to really fire up your abdominal muscles. Repeat for five to 10 full breaths. Note: If you are new to deep breathing, you may experience some dizziness, which is normal. Start with three to five each day and work your way up.

There you have it, six easy ways to keep fit in a busy day. Try them out and see how many you can check off today!