The secret of your success

I was talking to a client this week who came to us because he had a significant amount of fat to lose  He’s motivated and making great progress towards his goal.  As is often the case, many of the people in his life are also overweight.  He told me that they often make comments to the effect of “oh you’re still on your diet” when they see him eating his healthy food.  (Which is not at all uncommon, BTW).
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His response to them though, was music to my ears:  “It’s not a diet, it’s my new lifestyle,” he told them.  YES.  Those words prove to me that he gets it.  And they give me great confidence that the changes he is working so hard to make are going to last.  

There are lots of people who would like you to believe otherwise, but in order to achieve long-term success, you MUST view the changes you are making as permanent alterations to your lifestyle and routine.  It is as simple as that. 

Trading unhealthy for healthy habits may feel like a big adjustment at first but once you start feeling better and seeing some results, you’ll have the motivation you need to continue.  And remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.  We often advise clients to phase dietary and lifestyle changes in slowly, one-at-time.

You can do it!