Like countless other businesses, we’ve had to make an incredibly difficult decision in light of the COVID-19 situation, which is to put a temporary pause on in-home workouts.

We are urging our clients to stick with us via virtual training OR outdoor workouts during this time (exercise is, after all, a great stress reliever and way to pass the time!)

We also welcome new clients who are looking for a great home exercise option – and some (virtual) human connection! – during this ordeal. No equipment required! Please feel free to reach out for more info on virtual training in Toronto – and beyond.

Here’s to getting through this together, having some fun along the way (family members are welcome to participate in virtual workouts!) and coming out on the other side of this HEALTHY and, just maybe, in even better shape than when all this started ✌️

Finally, a PSA: This is a really scary time to be a small business. One thing you can do if your income has not been affected is to continue supporting the service-providers (and restaurants and shops) in your life during this unprecedented time – even if it might look a little different than usual 🙏💛