A trainer/client relationship is a personal one for sure.  However, getting too attached to a single individual may not be such a great idea in the long run.  Here at Nielsen Fitness, we believe that a team approach is the best way to ensure client success.  Here’s why:

A Team of Personal Trainers

1. Never Miss a Workout

Working with a team means you don’t have to miss a workout if your trainer is away or ill.  Instead, you get to try someone new and continue moving forward toward your goals.

2. Variety  

Every trainer has a slightly different style, and you get to experience more than one. Some of our clients who work out multiple times per week do so with two (or more) different trainers for this very reason.  It keeps things fresh and interesting, and keeps your body guessing which is a good thing.

3. It Takes a Village  

At Nielsen Fitness, you have a Manager overseeing your experience, who is involved in the strategic mapping of your plan.  But the collaboration doesn’t end there.  We also rely upon one another for ideas, solutions, and professional development, which translates into more knowledge and better workouts for you.

4. You Won’t Be Left High and Dry  

We are lucky to have long-term team members for the most part, but the reality is that for many, personal training isn’t a lifelong career.  You don’t want to get left in the lurch if your trainer moves out of town, or moves on to something else.  With a team, you don’t have to start again at square one.  Instead, you’ll be transitioned carefully and thoughtfully to a new trainer with zero interruption to your progress. 

See the Difference

The bottom line: for continued success, a reputable team of trainers is a great bet. The standards for our team are incredibly high and they all know they’re stuff, inside out and backwards. We trust them, and so should you. They’re the best in the business. Claim your free first workout and assessment here to see for yourself the difference that a supportive team makes on your fitness journey.

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Feel the support from our reputable team of personal trainers.

Updated on August 4, 2022.