Doctors and specialists collaborate to provide the best medical care possible for patients.  So – shouldn’t other members of your health care team do the same?  We think so.


Many of us have a team of professionals to help support our health and well-being.  In addition to a personal trainer, this team may include a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, chiropractor, and/or dietitian. 

We believe that these team members should be collaborating with one-another. Unfortunately, this is a fairly foreign concept to many trainers and other practitioners.
But we’re working to change that.  When we sign on a new client, we ask who else they’re working with and make a point to connect and collaborate with those other wellness providers.

Now the big question: why bother?  The one-word answer is safety.  Proceeding without this information isn’t safe, and could do more harm than good.  It’s also an opportunity to co-ordinate efforts to help you reach your goals that much faster.

So for the sake of your well-being, speak up!  Tell your providers who else you’re working with, and request that they discuss your case. This is especially important if you have a unique circumstance like an injury.