What will it take for you to feel ready take a leap and make a change?  The answer, for many is confidence. 

But, argues Dan Sullivan of the Strategic Coach program for entrepreneurs, that’s not how it works.  He’s right – and his his point applies to fitness every bit as much as it does to business.  Here’s why – and what you DO need to be successful.


When faced with a daunting task – whether it be business-related or a fitness goal – a lot of people think they should wait until they feel confident to begin.  But that’s not realistic, according to Sullivan – and I completely agree. 

Before you can get to a point of confidence, you have to pass through a couple of other Cs first – whether you’re talking about business, or fitness, or tightrope walking for that matter.

First you need to be committed – to achieving your goal.  Think about it, talk about it, and write about it.  If you’re having trouble, these tips for finding your why may help.

Then you need courage to take the first steps.  This is your phone call to us.  Most people who call are nervous – that it will be hard, or that they won’t succeed, or that they will be judged.

But they do it anyways – and that’s courage.  Once you start moving towards your goal, however small your steps may be, you will develop proof that you are capable, and THEN the confidence will emerge.

Bottom line – instead of sitting around waiting for confidence, get your goals clear and committed into your mind, and then take the next step which is the courage to start. And soon enough your confidence will skyrocket.