Virtual training certification

Become a Certified Virtual Personal Trainer!

In our Online Virtual Personal Trainer Course you will Master the:

  1. Practical skills you need to be a highly effective Virtual Trainer.
  2. Communication skills – both interpersonally (front stage) and behind the scenes (back stage).
  3. And how to set yourself up on the business side to be a highly profitable and successful Virtual Personal Trainer.

There is a lot more to this course, and we invite you to register to receive more information about the Certification – including launch date, what’s included, and a couple of free tools to help get you started.

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Photo from the good old days at the Nielsen Fitness Academy in Toronto, Canada
Here's a photo from the good old days at the Nielsen Fitness Academy in Toronto, Canada

Q: Why do we have our own Certification?  Why don’t we simply hire trainers with one from the other guys? 

A: The Personal Training industry is unregulated. I’ve been interviewing trainers since 2006, and it didn’t take long for me to realize there’s no magic Certification out there which delivers a qualified and strong trainer  – one with all the skills and knowledge that Nielsen Fitness values!

Q: So what did you do about it?

A: To solve my frustration I decided to start my own in-house education process, and this evolved into our In-Home Personal Trainer Certification – we called it the Nielsen Fitness Academy. And today it has evolved or I should say pivoted into the Virtual Personal Trainer Certification.

Q: Do you only hire trainers with your Certification?

A: No, and if they don’t have it, I enrol them for free into my course. Because the process works, it transforms a good trainer into a fantastic one!

Q: So how do you take what you know as a teacher of in-home trainers and shift that to Virtual Personal Training?

A: Many of the fundamental skills, including hard skills (the knowledge) and soft skills (interpersonal) are nearly the same. However there are several differences.

Q: Such as?

A: First off the experiential value a client receive is much different – with technology you have many advantages (they can work with you anywhere there is a screen and internet), and also disadvantages (such as you can’t spot, stretch, or help your clients learn how to control their movements with tactical cuing).

Q: Tactical what?

A: You will learn in the course :).

Q: What’s included in the online Virtual Personal Trainer Course?

It is a series of 8 course modules – with video, pictures and written content to learn from. And each round includes a weekly live group coaching session, virtually of course :).

Each module is concluded with a quiz, and the final is administered virtually by Andre Orlando, he’s a major powerhouse behind this course and the Nielsen Fitness Hiring & Development Manager.

Q: Are there any perks?

A: Of course! There are also a lot of perks and bonuses included, such as a small business start-up tool kit – I know a little bit, as I started as a one man show, and have grown it into a business with millions in revenue  – not to mention super happy and fit clients :).

Between what I’ve learned from my entrepreneurial  experiences and through courses, books and mentorship from highly successful entrepreneurs, I have packaged several fundamental skills and tools as bonus material into this course.

Q: Any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

A: I have two of them:

#1 – In business it’s often is what you don’t know you don’t know that can hurt you.

#2 – And when it comes to training a client, it’s often what you don’t know you don’t know that can hurt them. So take this course for them (your clients).

Q: Can you expand a little on that one?

A: Yes – too often I’ve seen poor and unsafe instruction demonstrated by trainers to their clients – in a gym setting or when interviewing a potential trainer – it makes me cringe.

Q: What’s a key take-away you want to leave us with?

A: Free information is often the most costly. So if you want to be the fantastic Personal Trainer – which you know you are destined to be, then take this course!

Q: How do I sign-up?

A: Enter your info below and we will be in touch with the details, including the course outline and info about our early-bird discount.