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Health & Fitness Information Resources

Health & Fitness Information Resources

It can be overwhelming to seek out a personal trainer, especially for the first time. Our guide “Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Trainer” will help you to determine whether a personal trainer is a fit for you.

The International Council of Actively Aging is an excellent resource that includes a wide array of knowledge, tools, inspiration and more for the actively aging population. is a tried and true site that’s a great resource to learn more about muscles and how to execute exercises safely (because there’s a lot of misinformation out there). Scroll down to see some of our own exercise videos as well. is a great resource for bone health. It includes a calcium calculator and a quiz which assesses your risk level of developing osteoporosis.

Health & Fitness Tools


Health & Fitness Tools

Exercise Video Library

Video Exercise Resources

Want some exercise ideas? We would love to share our video resources with you. See the playlist below for some exercises you can do at home. And if you need a little help to make sure you are doing it right, remember, there’s a free first workout and consultation with your name on it.