Whether it’s singing in public, opening your own business or working out, we can all agree: hard things are easier (and more fun) when there is someone else doing them with you.

One of the most important ingredients of fitness success is consistency. Research suggests that sharing your goals with the right person – perhaps someone who has already achieved what you want or whose opinion you respect – can help keep you accountable and makes you more likely to follow through with your plans.

Stick With It: Training with a partner

Now imagine not only sharing the idea – but the task itself with another person. For many, a partner makes all the difference and can be the catalyst for (finally) sticking with it.

While your focus may be on stronger bodies, you and your workout partner just might strengthen your relationship too. You will probably get to see some of the same benefits and improvements – higher energy levels, getting stronger, losing some weight, learning about fitness – while overcoming shared obstacles, which can absolutely be a bonding experience.

A little healthy competition can be a good thing too; your partner doing an exercise that you didn’t think you could do or going for two extra reps just might inspire you to do the same.

Finally, having someone to laugh (or commiserate!) with will absolutely make the process more fun which also increases the chances you’ll show up consistently and give it your all.

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If you’re considering personal training with us, working out with a friend is also a great way to stretch your fitness dollar as it’s only a small extra fee to add an additional person to your workouts. This applies for in-person training, studio training and virtual training (where you have the added benefit of being able to log in separately or together). If you’d like to know more or get started, reach out to request a free assessment and mini workout today.