Working out can be lonely – but it doesn’t have to be. Enlisting a family member or loved one is a great way to keep things interesting and fun, and increase the chances you’ll stay on track.

So in the spirit of love and family – two things that we’re lucky enough to celebrate in February! – here are five reasons you should consider signing up for some personal training with someone you love.

The Benefits of Exercising With a Partner

1) Accountability

Clients who train semi-private (with at least one other person) are less likely to skip workouts. That’s because a partner keeps you accountable – on the days you’re not feeling motivated, your partner can pry you off the couch, and vice versa. (This is most effective when you and your partner live under the same roof!)

2) Quality time

It’s hard to carve out time in our busy lives these days. Working out together is one way to spend a little more time together. And, as they say, those who sweat together stay together.

3) The Element of Competition

 If you’re competitive, training with someone can introduce a whole new level of motivation. (Don’t worry though; working out with someone doesn’t have to be competitive if you don’t want it to be!)

4) It Opens up a World of New Exercise Possibilities

There are a ton of fun and effective partner-assisted exercises that will be available to you. We’ll teach you how to do them together – and also how to provide one another with assisted stretches (spoiler: they’re so much better than DIY stretches).

5) It’ll Help Stretch your Workout Dollar in a Big Way

With Nielsen Fitness, you’ll only pay an extra $25 per session to add a partner. Split the cost in two and you’ve each just realized a major savings over individual training (or semi-private with some other companies).

We’ve made it as easy and affordable as possible to enlist a partner because we’ve seen firsthand just how beneficial it can be. If you’re interested in semi-private (or solo!) training, we’d be happy to chat – and offer you a completely free and no-obligation assessment and mini workout. Click here to book yours today. 

Benefit from semi-private or solo personal training with Nielsen Fitness.

Updated February 2, 2022