Why You Are Your Best Investment

With a looming recession and the numerous other uncertainties our world is facing, it’s easy to feel a lack of control. In times like these, however, it’s more important than ever to focus on what we can control – and exercise happens to fall into that category. 

5 Percent Of Your Day

When things are busy, people tend to feel they don’t have the time to workout. But here’s the thing: Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. When you consider the fact that one hour represents less than 5% of your day, the time required to exercise is really just a drop in the bucket – and the dividends you receive from doing so are 100% worth it.

So, what are these dividends? Here are six (of many!):

1. Reduced risk of osteoporosis

Research indicates that exercise, including walking, can help prevent osteoporosis. On top of this, other studies suggest that resistance training can help prevent a decline in bone density (which may lead to osteoporosis).

Walking and resistance training both stimulate the bones, causing your body to produce more bone cells. In turn, this conserves bone and may prevent them from becoming brittle or easily fractured. In fact, both of these types of exercises are encouraged when an individual is diagnosed with osteoporosis to help improve bone density and strengthen the skeletal system.

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Walking regularly can help prevent osteoporosis.

2. Longer lifespan

Fit individuals are also less likely to die early. Research shows that physically active individuals live about 0.43 to 6.9 years longer than those who aren’t physically active. In other words, that 5% of your day spent exercising can add years to your life.

3. Pain and injury prevention

Over time, the body faces inevitable wear and tear. Yet, safe and effective exercise can slow this progression and keep things running smoothly. This means you’ll be less likely to injure yourself performing day-to-day tasks.

4. Weight Maintenance/Reduction

Exercise tends to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. This helps you maintain an ideal body composition and weight, which contributes to improved overall long-term health. This further means you’re less likely to develop diabetes due to insulin resistance, cardiovascular issues, or osteoarthritis from overbearing joints.

5. A happier, fuller life

Exercise is – truly – the key to a long, happy, and active life. It allows us to have vitality for longer periods of time and actually enjoy and participate in our life. This means you can truly relish the time in your retirement years and take advantage of those newfound freedoms.

6. You’ll feel better (instantly and in the long run!)

Exercise produces endorphins which make us feel good. This uptick in your mood occurs immediately from exercise. However, there are also long-term effects to feeling better, such as improved confidence and self-esteem.

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Regular physical activity leads to better posture, increased muscle tissue, and better performance. From golf and tennis to pickleball, you’ll not only be able to enjoy and participate in all the activities you love, even in your later years, but you’ll also, generally, feel better about yourself.

Remember, it’s only 5% of your time, and the benefits speak for themselves. If you’re ready to get back into it or if you’re not sure what you should be doing, contact our team at Nielsen Fitness today. Whether you need personal training in Toronto or a virtual personal trainer, our team is here to help.