Fitness Tips

Can I Still Workout After a Fall?

Falls happen – especially in winter – and can leave you with an achy shoulder, bruised hip, or even more severe injuries (like broken bones). Generally speaking, you’ll want to err on the side of caution when it comes to picking your workout routine back up after a fall, but it may be possible to get back to it sooner […]


How to Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt

Doubting ourselves is completely normal. However, it’s one of the biggest reasons we don’t achieve our dreams or goals – and, in many cases, never try in the first place. The truth is that no path to success is linear. We all face hurdles and challenges along the way – it’s part of the process. They key to success is belief […]


How Exercise Can Help Fight the Winter Blues

​Winter is tough for a lot of people – an estimated 1 in 5 (yup, that’s a full 20%) of North Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD.According to Psychology Today, the symptoms of SAD include sleepiness, carb cravings, difficulty concentrating, feelings of depression, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, lethargy, decreased libido, and hyperphagia (increased consumption of food).The prevalence […]


3 Fitness Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

Many people find themselves out of sync with their regular fitness habits over the holidays. In addition to missed workouts, there are food treats galore, indulgent office parties, and – often – wine to wash it all down.Here’s what we tell our personal training clients who are worried about all their hard work going out the window during the holidays. […]


What Is Muscle Memory?

Just as your memory can recall certain events from the previous day or year, your body can also remember movement patterns, which is referred to as muscle memory. Muscle memory is stored in your motor neurons through repetitive movements, which means your body doesn’t have to create new neural connections, rather it ‘retrieves’ and strengthens previous ones. Plus, once a muscle […]


Why You Are Your Best Investment

With a looming recession and the numerous other uncertainties our world is facing, it’s easy to feel a lack of control. In times like these, however, it’s more important than ever to focus on what we can control – and exercise happens to fall into that category.  5 Percent Of Your Day When things are busy, people tend to feel […]