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COVID Protocols With Nielsen Fitness

Undeniably, the last year and a half has given way to a variety of emotions — from anxiety and stress to fear and frustration. At Nielsen Fitness, we understand how tough it’s been navigating through these difficult times, and we always want our clients, especially those taking part in personal training at home, to feel as safe as possible.Below are […]


Can Exercise Reverse Osteoporosis?

Can Osteoporosis be reversed by exercising? After the age of 50, bones begin to breakdown faster than they are formed. As a result, bones that were once very solid become more porous as time goes on.The good news is that, even though we can’t stop the clock, we can defer and even prevent osteoporosis so you can continue to feel […]


Why are my muscles sore after exercising?

WHY ARE MY MUSCLES SORE AFTER EXERCISING? ‘No Pain, No Gain’ used to be a pretty common phrase. Plastered across graphic tees, bumper stickers, and other advertisements suggesting people need to feel pain in order to get fit.Truth, or a rhyme with no reason? This phrase could be responsible for the culture of pain pushers. Thankfully, this theory isn’t considered […]


Three ways to reduce Shoulder Pain

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, rest assured that you aren’t alone. In fact, about 70% of people will experience shoulder pain at some point in their life. From a rotator cuff tear to impingement syndrome, shoulder pain can seriously get in the way of you enjoying your life, participating in physical activities, and achieving your fitness goals. So, why does shoulder pain happen? […]


Is the gym overrated?

is it possible to get a good workout from home? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic many gym goers have been forced to switch to at-home workouts and discovered what we’ve known all along: that at-home workout routines can be just as, if not more effective than training at the gym.For most of us, exercising at home means equipment is limited to […]


Ever Wonder How to Stretch in your Office Chair?

3 Easy Stretches you can do While Sitting We get it. Covid-19 has changed the way most businesses operate, employees are working remotely and moving less, and the result isn’t always good.  In this blog we will cover three stretches you can use to help to reverse the negative muscle tightening and stiffening effects which will happen if you sit […]