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Are Your Fitness Goals Creating Overwhelm?

GOAL SETTING & LONG-LASTING RESULTS Do you approach your fitness goals with a feeling of pressure or stress? Perhaps you haven’t reached for your goals for fear of failure. You may have benefited from short-term results in the past, but what happened after you reached your target? Without the development of long-term, healthy habits, most people slowly back pedal to […]


How to Find Effective Vegetarian Protein Sources

As saying goes, a healthy body starts with sound nutrition. And for many fitness success is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.That’s why when our Personal Training Clients asks us how to find an effective vegetarian protein, we often start by educating them about what a protein is.By giving them this foundation they then can figure things out for themselves (when […]


Ever Wonder How to Stretch in your Office Chair?

3 Easy Stretches you can do While Sitting We get it. Covid-19 has changed the way most businesses operate, employees are working remotely and moving less, and the result isn’t always good.  In this blog we will cover three stretches you can use to help to reverse the negative muscle tightening and stiffening effects which will happen if you sit […]


It’s OK to start small

Here’s how to start a fitness goal.Too often, people go about a new habit/resolution until they run out of steam. They don’t see results – because a true plan takes a lot of commitment and effort. No matter what your intention is, if your actions are not executed via a well-thought plan – your likelihood of success is small. Many times […]


Seven tips for summer running success

Ways to improve at running? Include... Runners are a dedicated bunch.  Most pound the pavement in every kind of weather: rain, snow, hail and even the blazing heat.  But did you know that running in the hot summer heat can actually be hazardous to your health if not approached correctly?  It absolutely can – here’s an overview of how and […]