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5 Health Hacks You Haven’t Heard Of

While there are no true shortcuts or hacks for being a fit and healthy person, we’ve shared some lesser known fitness and health tips and facts that just might help you reach your goals faster: 1) Add Olive Oil to your Protein ShakeIf you’re looking to increase healthy fats in your diet, help with inflammation, and increase testosterone and cardiovascular […]


What Is the Healthiest Snack?

What is the healthiest snack? We have the answer: activity snacks! What are they? Activity snacks are small bursts of movement throughout your day – like snacks to keep you going between meals (aka workouts). Though brief, activity snacks can have significant benefits including:  What Is an Activity Snack? 1. Increases Protein SynthesisSurprisingly, research shows sitting is just as bad […]


5 Ways to Exercise Outdoors This Spring

Spring equinox is around the corner! Are you itching to get outside or struggling to find motivation? As we spend more time indoors and in the dark during the cold winter months, it can be taxing on our physical and mental health. Without sufficient sunlight, our serotonin levels can dip: one of the body’s “happy” chemicals thought to boost energy and […]


Is it Possible to be Overweight and Healthy?

It can be confusing to know what being “healthy” means and what it looks like – because, in reality, healthy does look different for everyone. We’ve discussed previously such as the ‘skinny-fat’ phenomenon, illustrating the misconception that many have that thin = healthy. And, as many have said before, it is entirely possible to be overweight, yet healthy ‘under the […]


How Exercise Can Help Fight the Winter Blues

​Winter is tough for a lot of people – an estimated 1 in 5 (yup, that’s a full 20%) of North Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD.According to Psychology Today, the symptoms of SAD include sleepiness, carb cravings, difficulty concentrating, feelings of depression, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, lethargy, decreased libido, and hyperphagia (increased consumption of food).The prevalence […]


3 Fitness Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

Many people find themselves out of sync with their regular fitness habits over the holidays. In addition to missed workouts, there are food treats galore, indulgent office parties, and – often – wine to wash it all down.Here’s what we tell our personal training clients who are worried about all their hard work going out the window during the holidays. […]