Functional Strength

Workout Game Changer: Why We Love Deadlifts

When it comes to building strength, improving your fitness, and enhancing your physique, few exercises can match the deadlift. “In a deadlift, you lift the weight from the ground to thigh-level using primarily your leg and hip muscles, but with the assistance of most of the large muscle groups of your body” (Very Well Fit, 2022). At Nielsen Fitness, deadlifts […]


Functional Training: What it is and why it’s (so) important

You may have heard the term “functional training” tossed around in recent years. “The overall category of functional fitness training, which includes strength training, nabbed fifth place on the American College of Sports Medicine’s worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2023″ (Everyday Health, 2023).  Far beyond the world of exercising for aesthetics, functional training focuses on daily movement, aiming to […]


Our Guide to Kettlebells: What, Why & How

When it comes to fitness equipment, the best tools boil down to preference. Some trainees thrive in traditional gyms, where rows of weight and cardio machines take precedence, while others prefer the versatility and convenience of in-home training equipment like resistance bands, dumbbells, or medicine balls. Several factors, including fitness goals, current fitness level, and any physical limitations, should be […]


Book Review: Outlive by Peter Attia

Hello! Poul Nielsen here with another health-related book review. This time we’re looking at Outlive by Peter Attia. As someone who has dedicated my life to fitness and helping others achieve their best selves, I found this book to be incredibly insightful and relevant to our mission here at Nielsen Fitness. So let’s dive in and see what we can […]


An Exercise Staple: Why We Love Pushups

Push-ups are one of those exercises that most people love to hate. However, there are many good reasons why they are worth doing – and why they remain a staple in our in-home and virtual personal training toolbox:Why we love push upsFUNCTION & PRACTICALITYNielsen Fitness believes in functional fitness. Our private trainers take a health-first approach; improving our client’s health […]


The Underrated Skill of Body Awareness

The focus of fitness is so often aesthetic, which makes it easy to focus solely on the external aspects of workouts: losing weight, gaining muscle definition, or moving with more strength, speed, and power.While these are fantastic fitness goals, a crucial element of fitness success is often overlooked: the quality of your mind-muscle connection and kinesthetic awareness. Read on to […]


Swiss ball vs. exercise bench: Which is better?

To say there’s a wide range of exercise equipment and tools in the fitness world would be an understatement. From kettlebells and resistance bands to cable machines and squat racks, the options are endless. One of the very best and most versatile, in our opinion, is the Swiss Ball, also known as an exercise ball or stability ball. “Originally intended […]


Five of our favourite compound exercises

Compound exercises are a fundamental component of our personal training programs, both in-home and online – and for good reason. “Not including compound exercises in your programme is on par with forgetting your headphones or not re-racking your weights. It’s a fitness faux pas that experts unanimously agree, should be avoided at all costs” (Men’s Health, 2023).Compound exercises are movements […]


Intermittent Fasting: What, How and Why?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a dietary practice that’s getting a lot of attention these days. In a nutshell, it involves fitting all your calories for the day into a condensed window of time and ‘fasting’ outside those hours. Many intermittent fasters eat within an eight-hour window – for example, noon to 8pm – and fast for the remaining 16 hours […]