Why in-home Training beats the gym

 Whether it’s exercising in your home with a personal trainer in-person (like the good all days before Covid), or you’re working with a trainer online, such as with one of our unparalleled virtual personal trainers, the bottom line is you do not need a gym. And these are our top six reasons why:1. Welcoming atmosphere. You are at home – there […]


Is the gym overrated?

is it possible to get a good workout from home? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic many gym goers have been forced to switch to at-home workouts and discovered what we’ve known all along: that at-home workout routines can be just as, if not more effective than training at the gym.For most of us, exercising at home means equipment is limited to […]


Ever Wonder How to Stretch in your Office Chair?

3 Easy Stretches you can do While Sitting We get it. Covid-19 has changed the way most businesses operate, employees are working remotely and moving less, and the result isn’t always good.  In this blog we will cover three stretches you can use to help to reverse the negative muscle tightening and stiffening effects which will happen if you sit […]


Exercise Review: the Wall Sit

People often ask us how to do a wall sit correctly. The wall sit is an exercise we’ve been doing with our clients for years. It’s fantastic because it requires no equipment, except for your bodyweight and a wall!You can do it virtually almost anywhere – at your home, cottage, office or while on vacation – you name it! doing a […]


It’s OK to start small

Here’s how to start a fitness goal.Too often, people go about a new habit/resolution until they run out of steam. They don’t see results – because a true plan takes a lot of commitment and effort. No matter what your intention is, if your actions are not executed via a well-thought plan – your likelihood of success is small. Many times […]


Want to live longer? Get moving!

Not too long ago, a group of researchers in Brazil discovered a simple fitness test that may help predict your longevity by measuring how easily you can sit and rise from the floor.Other related tests have looked at how many steps it takes, and how long it takes to stand up from lying (supine) of the floor.The bottom line, though, is […]