Canada Day: The Healthy Way

Canada Day is just around the corner and we’re already looking forward to sunny weather, barbeques, and quality time with family and friends. If you’re like us and want to have a fun and healthy Canada Day celebration, we’ve got some suggestions for activities to do and foods to eat on this special occasion, and how to enjoy your day […]


5 Healthy, Quick and Easy Breakfasts

It’s not easy to get out the door on time in the morning, let alone with a nutritious breakfast in your belly.  We hear this time and again from our personal training clients.  Luckily there are a lot of quick and healthy breakfast options – that are delicious and will keep you fuelled ‘til lunch. Here are five of our […]


How to Keep your Heart Healthy

Exercise and a healthy diet are critical factors for heart health. But what exactly should you be doing in these areas to ensure your ticker keeps on ticking? We’re so glad you asked – read on below for some practical exercise and dietary tips for heart health. EXERCISE Regular physical activity can help prevent heart disease and many others (stroke, […]


Can Exercise Reverse Osteoporosis?

After the age of 50, bones begin to breakdown faster than they are formed. As a result, bones that were once very solid become more porous as time goes on.The good news is that, even though we can’t stop the clock, we can defer and even prevent osteoporosis so you can continue to feel strong and participate in all the […]


How to Find Effective Vegetarian Protein Sources

As the saying goes, a healthy body starts with sound nutrition. And for many fitness success is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.That’s why when our Personal Training Clients ask us how to find effective vegetarian protein sources, we often start by educating them about what protein is. By giving them this foundation they then can make healthier decisions when meal-planning […]


Is Keto Right For Me?

Is the Keto Diet Healthy? The ketogenic diet is a very popular way of eating right now – that can lead to significant weight loss for some. As a result, many clients have been asking us what it’s all about and if they should try it.So we asked our resident nutritionist, Evian Rodriguez – and here’s what he had to […]