Fat Loss

The connection between exercise, body weight and arthritis

There are many benefits to staying in shape including building and maintaining muscular strength, increasing bone density, reducing stress and improving cardiovascular health. On the flipside, there are many risks and adverse effects of not exercising – particularly if you’re carrying extra weight as a result. One of those relates to joint health, as strong joints are crucial for mobility and excess […]


Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score

As personal trainers, we are always looking for ways to improve our client’s overall health and well-being. One book that has had a significant impact on our approach to fitness is The Body Keeps the Score written by renowned psychiatrist and trauma specialist Bessel van der Kolk.It’s an enlightening book that delves into the complex relationship between physical and mental […]


Exercise and Your Hormones: What You Need to Know

Exercise and its effects on our hormones is a widely discussed, often sensationalized topicamong exercisers and health professionals alike. Fertility, menopause, and sleep pattern are just afew of the bodily functions supported by our endocrine (hormone messenger) systems. Simplyput, hormones are chemicals that control cellular functions and physiological reactions such asmetabolism, reproduction, and tissue growth. In exercise terms, hormones support […]


4 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals and Habits

It can be challenging to exercise when your motivation is lacking, but having the knowledge and tools to achieve your fitness goals is only half of the battle. You need a strong commitment to prioritizing a healthy lifestyle! Consistency is the most important factor behind seeing exercise results but unfortunately one of the hardest healthy habits to create. Consistency is […]


How to Enjoy Chocolate Without Ruining Your Diet

Do you have a sweet tooth but also want to maintain your fitness? Look no further than chocolate! Yes, you read that right, chocolate! The delicious treat that has been long associated with unhealthy snacking can actually have some surprising health benefits. Read on to learn how indulging in chocolate can actually help you stay fit, and some tips for […]


5 Health Hacks You Haven’t Heard Of

While there are no true shortcuts or hacks for being a fit and healthy person, we’ve shared some lesser known fitness and health tips and facts that just might help you reach your goals faster: 5 Health Hacks You Haven't Heard of 1) Add Olive Oil to your Protein ShakeIf you’re looking to increase healthy fats in your diet, help […]


Is it Possible to be Overweight and Healthy?

It can be confusing to know what being “healthy” means and what it looks like – because, in reality, healthy does look different for everyone. We’ve discussed previously such as the ‘skinny-fat’ phenomenon, illustrating the misconception that many have that thin = healthy. And, as many have said before, it is entirely possible to be overweight, yet healthy ‘under the […]


Why Gaining Muscle is the Key to Longevity

If you want to lose fat sustainably, you need to gain muscle. At Nielsen Fitness, we call this a muscle-up approach and use it with all of our clients. Whether your goal is to age gracefully or get into the best shape of your life, increasing muscle mass is necessary for success. The Advantages of Gaining Muscle Muscles allow us […]