At Nielsen Fitness we offer completely free first workouts. Why? Because we think it’s really important that you get to know us and understand how it works – and what’s possible for you – before committing. It also gives us a chance to understand your starting point and goals, which is crucial for crafting a sustainable and effective plan for you. 

Typically first workouts are delivered virtually and include the following key components:

What to expect in your free first workout


First, we chat! The conversation portion is arguably the most important aspect of your first workout. Before we can begin to assess your current fitness, we need a basic understanding of your health and physical history. This is essential for safety reasons, especially if you have a pre-existing condition. 

We’ll ask about your current activity level, what kinds of physical activity you enjoy, and what kinds of exercise (if any) you have experience with. We want to know what makes you move and why exercise is important to you. We’ll also touch on your nutrition habits, sleeping patterns, and stress levels, as these elements are all directly linked to your fitness.


Once you’re feeling comfortable and we have an idea of where to start, we’ll begin to move. The exercise portion of your first session will not be overly strenuous. Rather than leading you through a full workout, we’ll guide you through a series of movement screens, flexibility tests, and cardiovascular assessments to look for imbalances, overactive muscles, or mobility issues. We’ll also assess your posture and cardiovascular capabilities. This information will be key for your trainer, as it’s essential to correct poor movement habits or issues before tackling more advanced goals.

Once your initial screening concludes, we may throw a few more challenging exercises your way. More experienced trainees may fly through the movement screens. If that is the case, we’ll spend some time testing your comfort level with more challenging movements and/or combinations. We’ll then work together to begin setting an initial goal that makes sense for you.

creating a plan

By the end of your first workout, we’ll have a solid understanding of the kind of training program and trainer you need to reach your goals. We’ll ask you about your schedule and start thinking about which of our awesome trainers would best suit your needs. Lastly, we’ll give you an overview of our packages and plans before suggesting what option may be best. However, the final decision is (of course) completely up to you!

At Nielsen Fitness, we’re passionate about helping people and confident that our work speaks for itself. Whether you choose to train with us or not, your first workout is always free. If you’re ready to start (or level up!) your health and fitness journey, reach out here! We can’t wait to meet you.