People are often stuck, with a bunch of unanswered questions before they are ready to take the leap to start working with us.

So to help you with this, we’ve complied a few (of many) questions we get asked.

How much space is required to have an in-home workout?

One of the biggest misconceptions about in-home training and virtual personal training is that you need a lot of space and/or equipment.

Neither is true! All you need is enough space to roll out a yoga mat plus a laptop or tablet to connect with your trainer. We recommend you start with a minimum of a 5 x 5′ area.

Though we have worked with even smaller areas than this, with warmer weather outdoor workouts are always a possibility. 

What workout equipment do I need at home?

We will sometimes recommend purchasing a couple of small and inexpensive pieces of equipment – bands and tubing are our favourites – but we can also create highly effective workouts for you using nothing but an exercise mat (or a towel will suffice) and your bodyweight.

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Do I have enough time to exercise?

Another thing that you’re going to need is time. And the good news is you really do not need a lot of time to integrate an effective workout program into your daily life.

Several of our clients have seen significant results by working out only 120 minutes per week. Which is either divided into three x 40 minute workouts, or two x one hour workouts.

And if you are in maintenance mode, you can get by with even less dedicated time to exercise.

More good news is that we can work with you as early as 5 AM, or even wrap up your work out as late as 11 PM EST. Depending where you are in the world, this means we can work with you virtually anytime. 

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One of Nielsen Fitness' happy clients.

What's a good reason to exercise?

Hands-down the most important thing that you’re going to need to start achieving results is a powerful ‘why‘, or reason to workout.

For most people this is a relative answer. Your ‘why’ can either be out of necessity, or a choice to improve. Either way we are here for you.

How to begiN?

So, if you’re interested in virtual training but didn’t think you had what you needed to start, now you know that’s not the case!

We start off all clients with a detailed fitness assessment and a first workout, so they can get a feel for it – and us – before committing, and we recommend this approach for you too. Contact us to learn how you can apply for a free one.

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