Canada Day: The Healthy Way

Canada Day is just around the corner and we’re already looking forward to sunny weather, barbeques, and quality time with family and friends. If you’re like us and want to have a fun and healthy Canada Day celebration, we’ve got some suggestions for activities to do and foods to eat on this special occasion, and how to enjoy your day without feeling yucky the day after.

Now let’s dive into some fun activities to do during Canada Day to get you in the right spirit:

What to do on Canada Day


1. Have a Beach Day

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than spending it a beautiful beach? Toronto boasts many stunning beaches, including Bluffer’s Beach and Kew-Balmy Beach. Have kids? Make it kid friendly with some beach toys and watch them create their masterpieces while you sunbathe with a good book. Don’t forget the sunscreen – and lots of water to avoid dehydration.

2. Head to a Park

From walking to running to biking or just sitting and relaxing, there are parks for every purpose in the GTA. High Park boasts 1/3 of its land still in natural form, with a bike path, playground, dog park, picnic area, a pond and more. The Beltline trail is a 9km path built on what used to be the Toronto Belt Line Railway and it’s packed full of bridges, tunnels, as well as nature.

If you’re looking for a place to lounge and sunset watch, Riverdale East Park is the sure winner. With its huge hill that offers panoramic views of downtown Toronto and a free swimming pool, the whole family will enjoy spending the afternoon here.

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Riverdale East Park in Toronto.

3. Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Enjoy the summer weather and set up your own private movie theatre in your backyard. There are only a few items needed to create your own movie theatre experience, such as a projector, a bed sheet, a media player and speaker. With some blankets to lay down on the grass or lawn chairs, you’re all set for your VIP movie night – an unforgettable experience for your family and anyone else you’d like to invite to join you!


For many, celebrating = overindulging. Though we wholeheartedly endorse enjoying your favourite food and beverages – especially on special occasions – doing so moderately can be the difference between feeling great and terrible the next day.

The key is not eating on autopilot – just because it’s there – and considering your future self before deciding whether to indulge or not. Ask yourself how this choice will make you feel the next day – or that night. If ‘not great’ is the answer, the next question to ask yourself is: is it really worth it. When the answer is yes, go for it. If the answer is a maybe or a no, that’s your cue to skip it.

Here are some suggestions for healthy and yummy eats – perfect for Canada Day or any other day!

1. Grilled Fruit

Enjoy the best fruit you’ve ever had: caramelized and juicy from the barbeque. There are many options for grill-friendly fruit, but it’s important that they’re firm and not overripe. Pineapple, peaches, oranges, watermelon, and bananas are all great picks. The kids and kids-at-heart both will love this summer treat.

2. High Quality Meats

Whether for Canada Day or any other day, it’s important to choose high quality meat, and it’s an added bonus if it’s locally sourced. Whether it’s grass-fed beef for your burgers or wild salmon, it’s important to know you’re getting top quality protein. For lower-fat protein options, opt for chicken or salmon burgers instead of beef. 

3. Grilled Veggies

Even those who aren’t veggie fans will be enamored by grilled vegetables. The list of grillable veggies is too long to list here, but some of our favourites include asparagus, bell pepper, corn, and zucchini. Amp up the fun by making veggie skewers or try out portobello mushroom “burgers”.

It’s pretty simple to do, but here are a few tips to cook up the barbequed veggies of your dreams. First off, you’ll want to make sure you don’t slice your veggies too thin or else they’ll disintegrate or become too mushy. A good rule of thumb is to keep them no less than 1/2” thick. Coat your veggies with a little oil and season with just simple salt and pepper, or add in some herbs such as oregano, mint or basil. There you go – you’ll be a BBQ master ready to impress your family in no time!

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Grilled fruit, high-quality meats and grilled veggies: healthy and yummy eats perfect for Canada Day - or any other day!

Keeping Things Fun and Healthy

No matter what the occasion is, it’s possible to keep things fun and healthy at the same time. Here at Nielsen Fitness, we always tell our clients that being healthy is a lifestyle and is not just something you do when it’s convenient for you. We believe that exercise and nutrition are both essential parts of a healthy lifestyle and we work with our clients to help improve their overall health and wellness.

If you’re curious about how you can live a healthier lifestyle and feel great, we’re here for you. Our team of certified personal trainers and nutritionists train clients in-person in the Toronto area, as well as anywhere else virtually. We welcome you to book your complimentary fitness assessment and consultation to get started with improving your health. We wish you all a healthy, happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day from the Nielsen Fitness team!