More of the workforce is going remote every day, and the world of personal training has followed suit. Virtual workouts are a fantastic way to double down on your commitment to fitness without losing the key accountability factor of working with a private trainer: a women’s study from the University of Toronto found that “significant positive relationships were found between adherence [to exercise] and personal training” (Taylor, 2008).

Since the launch of our virtual packages in 2020, Nielsen Fitness has seen a massive expanse in the reach of our service. The numerous perks of an online exercise program make our team of trainers more accessible to you than ever! Read on to learn of few of our favourite things about virtual training and why it might be right for you.

Why try personal training?


The location flexibility that goes hand in hand with training online is perhaps our favourite feature. Although our primary studios are in Toronto and Collingwood, Nielsen Fitness works with clients all across Canada, the United States, and even Europe!

Regardless of where you live or travel, you can meet with your trainer. Thanks to programs like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, as long as you have wi-fi (and are in a similar time zone), your Nielsen Fitness trainer is there.


In-home training saves our clients the trouble of travel (and we love making your life easier). Because our trainers don’t have to worry about travel time or external factors like traffic and weather, it means that your sessions will take place on time/schedule regardless of the external variables that can sometimes throw a wrench in in-person visits.


In-home personal training is already a private experience; however, it can be said that virtual training is even more so. Not only are you exercising–with a professional–in the comfort of your own home, your private space can remain private. Your personal trainer will remain on video through your chosen device and see only what you choose for them to see.

This adds an extra layer of comfort while relieving the possible pressure of having the home ready for a guest. (That said, we could not care less about the state of your space – truly!)

cost effectiveness 

Virtual training is our most cost effective option, and “the most popular goals that people resolve to achieve each year are saving more money and shedding extra pounds” (Forbes, 2018) so it’s a match made in heaven. The slightly lower price-point reflects the fact that a team member does not have to travel to you.


Modern technology has made the experience of working with a personal trainer more flexible, accessible, private, and more cost effective than in-person personal training. Whether you’re short on time, always on the move, or nervous to exercise without privacy, virtual training can provide comfort and ease. Ready to give it a shot? Book your free first virtual workout and consultation with a Nielsen Fitness trainer today.