Looking for a way to sneak in some fitness at the office? How about improving your core strength, stability, and posture while encouraging productivity? Nielsen Fitness has got the tip for you: Try swapping your chair for a Swiss Ball! Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Why You Should Sit on a Swiss Ball

Swiss Balls can be used for more than just exercising!


It’s great for your core! Sitting on a Swiss Ball forces your core to constantly engage, which helps strengthen your abs as well as your lower back muscles. In order to avoid tipping over, your abs must contract and stabilize your spine. The benefits of strengthening your core are innumerable: you’ll lower your risk of injury, improve your balance, stability, posture, and lifting mechanics, and so much more.  

Posture and Pain

You’ll maintain better posture while seated. It’s easy to slouch while sitting on a traditional chair, which creates poor habits that wreak havoc on the health of your back. Poor posture encourages chronic muscletightness and pain. With a Swiss Ball, you must actively sit and maintain proper posture to avoid rolling to the floor. This is also great for your pelvic and back muscles, as sitting on a Swiss Ball can help alleviate pressure on your spine. 

Swapping your chair for a Swiss Ball will help strengthen your core and improve your posture.


Good posture is not only great for physical health, it keeps you alert: With good posture, you are actively participating in the proper use of your body, which can improve concentration and productivity. Ever catch yourself feeling sleepy after a few too many hours hunched over a desk in a cushy chair? Sitting on a Swiss Ball instead will help you stay on top of your game by ensuring you’re optimizing physical use and maintaining focused attention.  

Ready to try it out? Swap your chair for a Swiss Ball and see how it transforms your work day! If you’re looking for more health and fitness tips, reach out to us. Our team of certified personal trainers would love to hear from you. Click here to get started today.