Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their workouts but more often than not, people find increased motivation to keep up with regular exercise when they’ve got a buddy. A workout partner can hold you accountable, push you to try things you’d never do on your own, and make the exercise more enjoyable.

That being said, it’s important to choose your partner wisely, as not everyone will make an effective partner in the physical activity department. For instance, you should gravitate toward a workout partner who is:

Finding a Good Workout Partner


This is someone who isn’t going to call you 10 minutes before or even the day of your sweat date because something else came up. If you were having trouble pumping yourself up for the activity before that phone call, it’s going to take an incredible amount of internal motivation to fly solo. Spare yourself the struggle and find someone you can count on rain or shine!


Everyone’s watched someone at the gym doing an exercise incorrectly or people who’ve overworked certain muscles while neglecting others. You want someone by your side who knows what they’re doing and isn’t going to lead you astray. Do the research together to learn the proper form and techniques for your exercises and make sure you both feel comfortable enough to stop an exercise if something doesn’t feel right. Or, better yet – benefit from having a Nielsen Fitness personal trainer by your side – whether virtually or in-person – to ensure you and your partner workout safely and effectively.


Everyone knows that exercise releases some serious endorphins, so it’s meant to be a positive experience. Pick someone who’s ready to leave daily stresses at the door and who keeps your energy up throughout the workout, instead of leaving you feeling drained. Make sure you are also doing that for your partner and you’ll discover the key to discovering that feeling that keeps you coming back for those workouts regularly!

Staying on Track

Choosing the right workout partner is comparable to choosing the right personal trainer, so if you don’t have a workout buddy that meets the above criteria, consider personal training at home – which is another excellent route to keep you on track.

Added Bonus: no matter which trainer you choose from our team at Nielsen Fitness, you’re guaranteed a reliable, knowledgeable, and positive influence who will keep you motivated to reap the benefits of your regular physical activity. Claim your complimentary first workout and consultation today and get started training – solo or with a partner by your side.

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Benefit from having a Nielsen Fitness personal trainer by your side to ensure you and your partner work out safely and effectively.