By now we are all aware of the importance of keeping our immune systems strong. And  without a doubt COVID-19 has reframed why it is important to be healthy and fit. And being healthy often starts with having a strong and healthy immune system.

If you imagine your immune system as a bucket of water, and every action you take is going to either add water or take some water away, then you’ll agree it’s important to keep your “immune system bucket” as full as possible.

And contrary to what some people think, a strong and healthy immune system extends far beyond the absence of disease. And having a strong immune system can help us ward-off and fight many germs and viruses, and as this article points out, this includes Covid-19

Beyond that, if you have a strong immune system, then:

1) Your body will be able to deal with life’s surprises (and stressors) in a more efficient way. Keeping your bucket as full as possible means that each life stressor that comes up may take away a little water, but will never leave you on empty.

2) Having a robust immune system will help keep your energy levels up. That may just be the extra energy you’ve been needing to handle day to day challenges and life-stress. It may also be the burst of extra energy you’ll need to get started on your fitness journey, OR take your training to the next level.

3) When your immune system is strong, then the essential processes your body needs in order to function are taken care of. And when it comes to exercise, this means you will have more energy to workout, and you will also benefit more from your effort because your strong immune system will give your body the buffer it needs to recover more efficiently.

For the reasons above, we always speak to our clients about their overall picture of health and wellness to help them determine what their overall fitness goals are.

And if you are thinking about about ways to improve your overall health – through exercise, better nutrition and mindfullness – then let’s talk – book your free assessment and first workout here.