Whether it’s exercising in your home with a personal trainer in-person or you’re working with a trainer online, such as with one of our unparalleled virtual personal trainers, the bottom line is you do not need a gym. And these are our top six reasons why in-home personal training beats the gym:

Why It's Better to Workout at Home

1. Welcoming Atmosphere 

You are at home – there is no worry about an intimidating gym atmosphere, navigating around a facility that you may not be comfortable with, or any competitive Joes flexing in the mirror as you try to focus on those military presses. Even better, you get to choose the music that gets you pumped, instead of having to listen to what a private facility would play.

We promise to deliver accountability, safe and customized workouts, and results to you.

2. Motivation

Let’s face it, there are some days when you are really excited to train, and then there are the days when you just aren’t in the mood. Having a personal trainer show up to your door just at that moment can really snap you back into focus. Your goals are that much more attainable when you’re accountable to someone and an excellent trainer will know exactly how to keep that motivation going. (read: no more excuses!)

3. 100% time for YOU

In-home personal training allows you to be selfish in the best way – your trainer’s focus is on you and your goals the entire time and there are no interruptions from other gym members or staff.

4. Pet-friendly!

By working out at home, you will never need to worry about your four-legged friends. And we welcome animals, as they often help to supervise! 

Another bonus of in-home workouts is that you don't have to leave your four-legged friends!

5. No waiting for gym equipment

Waiting drags out the time you spend at the gym, which decreases the time you have left to spend doing other things. Nielsen Fitness trainers literally bring the workout to you, and wherever you are in the world (for virtual training) – and we’ll customize your program based on your goals and use what you have on hand, be that body weight, skipping ropes, free weights, or anything else. We have a variety of equipment that we also bring to you, depending on your goals, such as TRX Suspension Training systems, resistance bands, Bosu balls, and more.

6. You Will Use It

One of the best investments you can make is in your health. And if you have enough space to outfit your place with some equipment, that’s a bonus! The money you save on a few months’ membership at a gym can easily pay for equipment that you’ll have for a lifetime in your own home. With the best trainers teaching you how to use equipment and build great workouts with it, you’ll be unstoppable!

Personal Training Toronto
Regardless of your starting point, we are here for you, and able to help you reach your goals.

Get Started

Did all of these in-home personal training perks seem appealing to you but you still aren’t 100% convinced?

We start off all clients with a detailed fitness assessment and a first workout, so they can get a feel for it – and us – before committing, and we recommend this approach for you too. Contact us to learn how you can apply for a free one.

Updated on December 28, 2022.