There is a common misconception that you need a gym to workout and get in shape. The simple fact is that you can easily achieve goals related to strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance at home, and with very little equipment.

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Exercising in your home with a personal trainer is the best way to reach your goals.

What You Need to Achieve Your Fitness Goals At Home

For the most part, all you need is a 5×5 area, your body weight, time, and dedication. Though weights and other fitness tools can be incredibly useful, they aren’t essential; you can easily use household items (think cans of soup, a broomstick, stairs, or a chair!) to augment your workouts. 

At Nielsen Fitness, we often recommend purchasing the following body weight resistance six-pack, which includes our top recommendations for getting the very most out of your at-home workouts:

Personal Training Toronto
You don't need much to for personal training at home: just a 5x5 area and dedication!
  1. Bands or tubing: This adds resistance and gives options for plenty of exercises.
  2. Foam roller: This tool helps relieve tension and can also be used as a balancing device.
  3. Swiss ball: This is a great one for legs, core, and balance exercises!
  4. Bosu: This tool also offers many options for movements and progressions.
  5. Sliders: These can challenge you in a plank, lunger, and more!

A Nielsen Fitness trainer: This sixth ingredient will help safely and effectively guide you toward your goals, as well as keep you accountable.

Personal Training Toronto
Swiss balls are great for legs, core, and balance exercises. Plus, you can use it in place of a chair!

For variations of machine exercises in the gym that you can do at home, check out this video. From the lat pulldown and cable pull-throughs to triceps and rows, you’ve got tons of options for workouts at home.

For some of the best personal trainers in Toronto, contact Nielsen Fitness. Our team will hold you accountable and help get you to your fitness and health goals!

Watch this video to learn some exercises you can do at home without any machines.