Spring equinox is around the corner! Are you itching to get outside or struggling to find motivation? 

As we spend more time indoors and in the dark during the cold winter months, it can be taxing on our physical and mental health. Without sufficient sunlight, our serotonin levels can dip: one of the body’s “happy” chemicals thought to boost energy and reduce stress. 

Despite the low temperatures and lack of light, 7 in 10 Canadians regularly participate in outdoor wilderness activities like hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking. Better yet, 4 in 10 Canadians with self-reported poor health still make time to get outside! With those numbers, it’s no surprise that the snowy season can be challenging.

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Staying indoors can be taxing on your health. Exercising outdoors can help!

5 Ways to Exercise Outdoors This Spring

If you’ve been struggling to move this winter, here are 5 ideas to inspire you to get active this spring:

1) Yard Work/Gardening

Not every form of exercise needs to be structured! Lifestyle physical activities provide health benefits, too. What better way to greet the spring than by prepping your yard for the season? If you don’t have your own outdoor space, try looking up your local stewardship program and volunteering to help landscape in your community.

2) Public Courts

As the snow clears, public tennis and basketball courts do, too. Learning or practicing a sport is a fantastic way to exercise without being stuck inside the gym.

3) Nature Walks/Photography

One of the best things about spring is witnessing nature come back to life. Try exploring a local park or forest and capturing some snaps of the season’s new blooms.

Enjoying a walk in nature is an excellent way to boost serotonin levels and reduce stress.

4) Spring Sports

Were you an athlete growing up? Why not join a local league and brush off your skills? Most programs allow you to sign-up with friends or solo. Don’t fret if you’re new either, as there are beginner teams, too.

5) Outdoor Personal Training

At Nielsen Fitness, we love the opportunity to work with clients outside. Whether it’s resistance training in your backyard or running through your local park, we’ll come to you!

Here at Nielsen Fitness, personal training can be done in your home, online or outdoors!

If you’re struggling to find exercise consistency, even with the help of the sun, our trainers are here to help. Click here to contact Nielsen Fitness today and book a mini-workout and assessment, totally free! Whatever your health goals may be, we believe in you.