Most of us know when we are making an excuse, but many of us have difficulty seeing the barriers— which are bigger than excuses – holding us back from success.

One of the biggest barriers to exercise is time. However, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. So, do you really not have enough time to workout? How can we move around this barrier and make progress toward our health and fitness goals?

Tackling the Barrier of Time

No time to workout? We have a few ideas for you…

1. Shift Your Mindset

This is always easier said than done. However, asking the right questions can help alter your perspective and make time for necessary exercise. Ask yourself: 

  • Do you value yourself enough to prioritize self-care and the necessities to live a long, healthy, and full life? 
  • Are you mortgaging your future by not making time for yourself now?
  • Why do others have time, but you don’t?
  • What lifestyle habits could be trimmed or adjusted to make room for exercise?

These questions can help you break down those perceived barriers—and overcome them. Yet, answering these questions alone might not help you create a plan of action. Keep reading for more on that!

Do you value yourself enough to prioritize self-care and the necessities to live a long, healthy, and full life?

2. Make Time for Yourself Before Anything Else

This is a bit like that old air mask analogy; in order to be any good to anyone else (family, kids, colleagues, etc.) you must take care of yourself first. All to say, even though it may feel like you’re taking time away from people who need you in order to work out, everyone will benefit from you taking this time (we promise!)

Many people add exercise onto the beginning or end of their day, but there are countless ways to incorporate it creatively whenever it works best for you

3. Get More Disciplined With Your Time

Don’t wait until a block of time magically appears – because for most of us it just won’t. Instead, plan it in. Anytime you can replace a low payoff sedentary activity for movement is a win – so look for ways to do that, or even combine the two (ie: listening to books while you walk instead of sitting and reading, or watching your favourite TV shows while you do your cardio).

Consider combining a sedentary movement with activity, such as watching TV while you workout.

Your New Mantra: “I Prioritize My Time”

For most barriers, including this one, mindset is the underlying problem. But it’s absolutely possible to retrain your subconscious and the steps above will help you do it. 

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