Most of our clients struggle with motivation before they hire us. Often, they have a goal, albeit vague, but they don’t have a specific plan on how or when they will achieve it. How do we help them, and, how can we help you? First, we’ll get specific about your goals, show you a framework to achieve them, then set a timeline of when you’ll achieve them by. 

Once you’re motivated with your goal, you can focus on your accountability and overall commitment. People often trust us to fill that gap, because when you have so many different responsibilities, and only so much mental bandwidth, investing in us takes care of all the hard work for you so you can just enjoy your workouts. Here are our 5 tips to help you commit to working out:

How to Commit to Working Out?

1. Trust In Your Plan

If you don’t trust in your plan, you’ll lack the motivation to work, since you won’t be sure if you’ll get the results you’re after. By hiring a Nielsen Fitness personal trainer, you’ll receive an exercise plan developed specifically for you.

A fitness professional will ensure you’re using the correct technique and push you a little further than you would go on your own. You can exercise knowing that what you’re doing is safe and effective.

poul nielsen fitness trainer
A Nielsen Fitness trainer will create a customized exercise plan that will be sure to get you results.

2. Track Your Progress 

Whether your goal is to have the stamina to walk five blocks, run a marathon, touch your toes, increase bone density, or drop a size, it’s important to remember your goals and track your progress. 

You can use our body fat measurement tool, our handy Habit TrackerGoal Setter, or another tool that you find helpful to keep track, such as a journal or fitness application. Whatever you use, be sure to use it regularly. Whether you’re working out solo or with your personal trainer, tracking your results is a fantastic way to reinforce your commitment. Seeing improvements, be it in strength, endurance, fat loss etc., will make all your hard work worth it.

Tracking your results regularly will reinforce your commitment and motivate you to keep going.

3. Learn and Celebrate

Celebrate your progress and learn from your mistakes. If you’re not getting the results you were looking for, learn from it – and celebrate that you’re learning. Celebrating the learning process will encourage you to persist toward your goals. You may need to set new targets, maybe you need more time or need to change your approach. 

And if you are on track and exceeding your expectations, you should definitely celebrate that!

Personal Training Toronto
Celebrating your achievements will help you stay committed to working out even more.

4. Choose the Right Environment

Not only is it important to know what you’re doing, but you also need to know where you’re going and if that environment works for you. If you’ve joined a gym before and you’re among 80% of people who do not actually use your membership, you may realize that paying a monthly fee to a gym does not magically make you committed to an exercise program.

However, enrolling in a results-based program, like Nielsen Fitness personal training, can make a significant difference.  You’ll never have to – or want to – miss a workout again!

Personal Training Toronto
With In-home personal training you'll never want to miss a workout again!

5. Want Some Help?

There’s a big reason why we set the standard for personal training in Toronto and the GTA. Whether you’re looking for a short-term boost, or to build a long-term commitment to your fitness goals we’re here for you. If you’re not in the GTA, Collingwood or surrounding areas, we can work with you anywhere there’s an internet connection!

Our team offers in-home and studio personal training, as well as virtual training. Contact us today to see how a Nielsen Fitness trainer can help you get that commitment and keep it.

Personal Training Toronto
Personal training Toronto.