It can be scary to make changes in your life – even positive ones, like starting to exercise

The reasons for that are complex and largely a result of our brain’s effort to keep us in our comfort zone (aka safe). But it is possible to push through this resistance – and some understanding of the factors that might be at play can help.

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It can sometimes be scary to make changes in your life, including starting to exercise.

Why Are People Afraid To Start Exercising?

There are a few specific fears that cause people to opt out of exercising altogether. These include:

1) Fear of becoming smaller

If someone has been overweight for some time, they might have subconscious fears about changing this, even if they have a conscious desire to do so. Overcoming these fears and embracing a healthier lifestyle often requires recognizing the underlying emotional barriers and seeking support for a positive and sustainable transformation.

2) Fear of pain or injury

If you have experienced pain or injury in the past, this could be enough to subconsciously avoid exercise. The fear of exacerbating discomfort or re-injury may create a mental hurdle that hinders one from fully engaging in physical activities. Overcoming this apprehension often involves gradual and tailored approaches to exercise, emphasizing rehabilitation and building confidence in one’s body’s capabilities.

3) Fear of ‘breaking the mold’

It can be hard to stray from the norms of your family or peer group. If yours is not fitness minded, this could cause the subconscious to resist exercise for fear of being rejected or ostracized. Embracing your personal journey toward fitness may not only inspire others but also foster a supportive environment that encourages positive lifestyle changes.

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By focusing on adopting one small habit at a time, such as doing yoga every morning, you'll overcome your fear of change and build healthy habits!

How To Push Through The Fear of Exercise 

It’s not easy to push through a fear – but it is possible. 

The key is to focus on one tiny step at a time. This is because too much change at once (or the mere thought of it) is enough to cause resistance in our nervous system and subconscious. So, instead, work on adopting one new positive habit at a time – like walking a short distance every day or doing 10 minutes of yoga in the mornings. Whatever it is, focus on that one thing until you’ve engrained the habit and then build from there. Additionally, acknowledging and celebrating each small success along the way can help reinforce positive behavior and make the overall journey more rewarding.

Another great way to overcome the fear is to enlist the help of a pro.  Our personal trainers in Toronto can meet you where you are,  help you combat what scares you, stay consistent, and remain motivated. We’ll further help keep your workouts exciting, which, in turn, will eradicate your fears. Your future self will thank you! If you don’t live in the GTA, we also train clients in-person in Hamilton, Collingwood and London. Prefer to train online? We provide 1-1 virtual personal training sessions to clients worldwide.  Contact us today to get started.

Enlisting the help of a personal trainer in Toronto can help you overcome your fear of exercising.