Habeeb Salloum is not only a special client who has made great advances since starting with us in May, but he is also an exceptional human being. He is a World War II veteran, having served with the Canadian Air Force – and he is the recipient of the Governor General of Canada’s Meritorious Service Medal in 2018. Habeeb is a true example of what a positive attitude can achieve. At 94 years old he’s always striving for more – and is about to publish his latest (of many!) books. When we started with Habeeb he couldn’t do much more than get out of bed and sit in a chair (with assistance). He frequently felt dizzy and lacked balance and stability. Since May he has been exercising every day, and along with an exceptional diet and a positive attitude, he is now able to do so much more. He’s a very special client – and person – and we’re thrilled to share his story with you.



Client Spotlight: Habeeb Salloum

1. What motivated you to give us a call?

My daughter wanted me to try to exercise to get rid of the paralyzing effects of my inactivity and fatigue from being sick earlier this year. It was your site and testimonials that led her to call.

2. What do you think has been your greatest breakthrough since the beginning?

Being able to climb the stairs – as that is what truly started me on this journey.  My knee would buckle which resulted in falling down the stairs on 3 separate occasions.  I haven’t had it buckle once since I started, and I can now walk without a walker!

3. What’s your favourite part of each workout?

The stretching. I like when they stretch my legs for me – it makes me feel elated to be able to do that again. I’m also very pleased that I’m standing taller, and have more stamina to do things in life.

4. What would say to someone who is considering personal training?

This journey has started me on a new path and a new life – my goal is to travel after this!  These people (the Nielsen Fitness team) who come and train you are nice and gentle – they don’t rush you, and they make you feel comfortable. I couldn’t ask for more.

Habeeb Salloum in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II.

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Updated on August 21, 2023.