We’re pleased to introduce one of our excellent Nielsen Fitness personal trainers: Jacob!

Jacob’s interest in fitness began with the goal of optimizing his body for sports performance combined with the desire to feel more comfortable in his body. Over the years, Jacob’s initial interest in strength training grew into a far broader range of activities, from Mixed-Martial-Arts to Yoga and just about everything in between! Jacob is now a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, and one day aspires to become a Physiotherapist. He enjoys combining fun, fitness and functionality in his sessions and aims to increase his client’s body awareness and comfort levels in the process. 

Learn more about Jacob below!

picture of an in-home personal trainer in Toronto
Meet Jacob: Nielsen Fitness Toronto personal trainer

Trainer Spotlight: Jacob

1. What got you interested in fitness?

An interest in optimizing my body for sports performance (soccer) combined with the desire to feel more comfortable in my body. It started with weight training and gradually progressed to include everything from callisthenics to yoga!

2. Why did you choose to be a Nielsen Fitness trainer?

To reach new people! I love meeting new folks and Nielsen Fitness gives me the opportunity to get to know new people and help them achieve their goals.

3. What’s your favourite exercise and in-home exercise equipment?

Push-ups, call me old-fashioned! I think everyone should have a couple of kettlebells for some circuits though!

4. What’s your top health and/or fitness tip?

Wake up, hydrate, move, and seek sunlight right away, in that order! Get that circadian rhythm going and the day is yours.

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Watch this video introduction of Nielsen Fitness personal trainer Jacob here!