With all the responsibilities of motherhood, especially in the early years, exercise may seem like the last item on the to-do list. And even if it is something on the list, finding the energy to do it can also be a challenge.  

So we thought it made sense to talk a bit about moms – and why it’s so important that they take a few hours every week to focus on their health and fitness.

Here are three reasons why exercise is important for busy moms – and why they deserve it!

Why Exercise Is Important for Busy Moms

1. It Sets a Good Example

We know, it can’t always be about the kids, but there’s no denying the fact that taking care of yourself and being strong and active sets a good example for your children.

2. Much-needed Alone Time

Moms like a break from the rest of us every so often. And it’s an opportunity for dad to spend one-on-one time with the kids that he might not otherwise have. Mom will come back refreshed and recharged, and the rest of the family will appreciate her all the more. It’s good for the whole family, we say!

3. Better sleep

Most moms (once again, especially those in the early years) are pretty desperate for sleep. We can’t promise that exercise will make your kids sleep through the night – but studies do show that even a little bit of exercise can help improve the quality of your sleep.  The same goes for kids, so get them moving too!

private studio personal training session
There are so many reasons why exercise is important for busy moms!

The Gift of Fitness

So, why not think about getting your wife, mom, or another special woman in your life the gift of personal training? It can be given on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or just to say thanks! We offer gift cards in virtually any dollar amount or package size as a convenient gift.

Unlike a class or a gym membership, we take the strategy, coordination, tracking – and even the travel – out of the process. This means mom doesn’t have to worry about a thing – and can focus on nothing but herself and her own well-being for those precious 45 or 60 minutes every week. We’re willing to bet she most certainly deserves it.

And if you’re a mom reading this, treat yourself for all your hard work and apply here for your first free workout and assessment. We’ve got a workout ready with your name on it!


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Updated on January 10, 2023.