Once upon a time, we got all kinds of exercise going about our days. But, for most of us, that’s not the case any longer. We spend most of our times at desks, staring at screens.

Which has major repercussions for our bodies. Here are five signs of ‘office body’ to look out for and – down below – what to do about it:

  1. Bad posture. If your head is forward, and your back and shoulders are founded, you’re becoming a bit like the sasquatch from this post.
  2. Tightness & pain. In your shoulders, neck, hips, and/or back. Do you have a headache at the end of the day? Need some pain medicine for your low back? Blame it on office body.
  3.  A cranky mood. Sometimes what we chalk up to the stress or the rigours of a corporate job are actually the symptoms of being uncomfortable. Luckily, this is an easy one to fix if you feel it creeping in because the simple act of standing up and straightening out can help boost your mood. Compare the two: sit at your desk, all hunched over. How do you feel? Now stand up, straighten your shoulder, lift your chin and look up. Now, how do you feel?
  4. Increased fat/reduced muscle tone. If your clothes aren’t fitting as they used to – even if you weigh the same – you’re probably experiencing a shift in muscle composition, meaning healthy muscle tone is slowly being replaced by body fat.
  5. Low energy. Needing more coffee to get you through the day? It’s (at least partly) because you’re sedentary. If you’re not moving, you aren’t getting the endorphins you need to feel energized and focused. When you feel sluggish, you’re more likely to reach for things like sugar and caffeine, which are only going to make the problem worse.

So what’s an office worker to do?

The solution is twofold:

  1. Build movement into your day. If you can, walk (or cycle) to work, do it. Force yourself to get up and walk around and stretch every hour. Get out and move in some way at lunch time. These small efforts really do add up and will go a long way towards feeling better.
  2. Regular, strategic exercise. If you sit at a desk all day, working out is incredibly important. Doing so will help reverse all of these symptoms and leave you feeling better, more focused, and in a better mood. We also make it as easy as possible for you by coming to your home or your office before or after work (or at lunch!), and saving you the hassle of getting to the gym. Feel free to contact us today to set up your free, no obligation consultation.