One of the most difficult ‘seasons’ of life during which to exercise is when you’re a busy parent with young children. But it’s also a really important time to exercise.

We wrote a bit about why here, in case you’re interested in knowing more. But for today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our October client of the month, Monica Lalomia Gibbs. Monica’s a busy mom of three who works out in the morning before her family rises. She’s a trainer’s dream thanks to her awesome attitude and drive to reach fantastic new heights. Here’s her story:



Client Spotlight: Monica Lalomia Gibbs


1. How long have you been training with Nielsen Fitness?

Since July 18th – I’ve completed about a dozen (weekly) sessions.

2. What motivated you to pursue personal training?

I’m a busy mom of three who has always been active and done mainly cardio – but I hit a point where I wasn’t feeling as strong as I wanted to. We have a good amount of fitness equipment/weights in our home gym and recently my husband suggested I look for a trainer who would come to our home – so I did.

3. What led you to call us?

After that conversation with my husband, I was on Facebook – and the name Nielsen Fitness popped up. I liked everything I saw and decided to reach out. Their team got back to me right away and explained everything – and the rest is history. It felt like the perfect fit – almost too good to be true, to be honest.

4. What do you like about working with Nielsen Fitness?

I love the people. I love the approach. I love the commitment to measurement and tracking and, of course, the customization. They asked the right questions and have designed my workouts to meet my wishes, goals, while taking into account my injuries and limitations.

I also love the whole health approach. They’ve helped me understand cortisol, and how sleep and stress can help – or hinder – wellness.

Every step of the way, my experience has been consistent and super professional.

5. What changes have you noticed?

I’ve noticed a huge change in both my confidence and energy level. I feel much stronger, which is a fantastic feeling.

6. What’s been a major milestone/success for you?

I squatted 155 pounds! I never thought I could do that. But with the coaching and support of my trainer, sure enough I did. The thing that blows my mind is that that goal was reached within a month of starting with Nielsen Fitness. A month! That’s the kind of progress you can see with the right kind of support.

7. Any advice for people on the fence about getting back in shape?

Yes – don’t hesitate. Life is far too short. Take action now; you’ll be SO glad you did. Also, get help. Training has worked so well for me because of the accountability and support.

8. What excites you most about the future and your health and fitness goals?

I love all this so much that I’ve decided to become certified through Nielsen Fitness’ trainer certification program. I just turned 43 and can’t believe I’m about to embark on this whole new adventure and I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Interested in training with us...or think you might be?

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Updated on January 13, 2023.