​At Nielsen Fitness, we work with a lot of busy professionals who, despite being short on time, understand the importance of fitness, and want to make it a part of their lives.

Martin Gangadeen is one of these clients. He’s been training with us for over five years and is a pro at setting mini-goals for himself to stay motivated and on track. Here’s his story:



Client Spotlight: Martin Gangadeen


1. How long have you been training with Nielsen Fitness?

Quite a while! Five years, in fact – and I’ve worked with several different trainers in that time.

2. What motivated you to pursue personal training?

I wanted to get in shape, and to be healthy – but I found the concept of packing up and going to the gym before or after work cumbersome. Personal training was a perfect solution – especially since it happens at home and doesn’t require any time or effort from me beyond the workout itself.

3. What do you like about working with Nielsen Fitness?

I like that their trainers are well-trained, tell me exactly what to do to achieve my goals, and have a routine all worked out for me when they arrive on my doorstep at 5:30 in the morning.

I trust them to work around my weak spots and old injuries so as not to re-injure myself – I’ve done that in the past so I wanted to be really careful about that.

I’ve also seen some great results with them. So I guess it boils down to three things: the fitness they’ve helped me achieve, the convenience, and reliability.

4. What changes have you noticed?

I’ve dropped 30+ pounds with the help of Nielsen Fitness – they’ve obviously helped with the fitness component, but also with nutritional advice to promote fat loss. So I’m definitely much healthier now than when I started out.

5. What’s been a major milestone/success for you?

I ran a 5K! Which was a big goal – and accomplishment – for me because I had a nagging ankle injury that I have to be sensitive to. My current Nielsen Fitness trainer felt confident I could achieve it. So we set the goal, and she not only helped me train for it – but she ran the 5K with me!

6. Any advice for people on the fence about getting back in shape?

First, you’ve got to be committed to it. If you want to see change, you can’t keep doing what you always have.

Secondly, start off slow and build from there. Once you get in a groove and see some change you’ll feel motivated and can build upon that.

Third, get the right trainer. That, combined with my mindset and strong motivation, are what has worked for me.

7. What excites you most about the future and your health and fitness goals?

This year I took up cycling, and I’d like to try one of those long-distance races for cancer in the next year or so. That’s my next goal – once I’ve trained up for it, of course!

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Updated on January 12, 2023.